LG G2 “Step Design” Allows For 3,000mAh Battery

After months of rumors, LG revealed its new flagship smartphone the LG G2. The device packs a hefty 3,000mAh battery, which came to fruition thanks to LG’s innovative battery design.

Because the rear buttons on the G2 take up space that would usually house the battery, LG used a “step design” for its battery that would take advantage of the extra space created by the bezels on the handset.

Not only did LG redesign the physical form of the battery, the company also increased the battery’s density to provide more battery life. The company did not mention how much battery life the G2 will deliver, and it is worth noting that the Snapdragon 800 processor will undoubtedly use more power than the LG Optimus G and other Optimus devices. LG has included a Graphic RAM feature, which is designed to reduce the amount of battery that the display consumes.

The LG G2 will be released later this year, and has been confirmed to be released on T-Mobile and Sprint.

[Via: Android Authority]

  • Rick

    I am very disappointed in LG as I was looking forward to the G2 until I see the news of limiting US users in their phones. The US version does not have an expandable memory (SD slots) or access to the battery for using a backup or needed replacement. What gets me is that the Korean version has both of these options and appears to be a killer phone package. The US version has neither and people will hopefully notice and make a big deal of the purposeful omissions! The phone may be almost worthless when it is time to update it in a couple of years. Who would buy a used G2 or want to keep it over 2 years knowing that they must have the battery factory removed and replaced compared to all of the other used phone options that one can simply buy a new battery for? HOW STUPID! Never mind the early exit of these phones to our overfilled landfills! Who will spend $100 for replace a battery on an old phone in 2 years?
    Also, with all of the fun features in the phone, most of those features use memory space. Users will need to take more caution when shooting videos or taking photos on vacations or outings, if they already use their phone for keeping music, videos or photos. Having to make a choice does not make sense with memory being so easy and available. We should not have to worry about transferring photos or videos from our phones just because of limited space. SD slots are can keep the phone’s internal memory available for Apps and the OS and make the phones so much more user friendly. One would think that the App producers would push the phone makers to allow for more memory space. Could it be a movement to force us to put our private info in the CLOUD? Why should anyone trust a large multi-national corporation with your precious and private info (photos, videos)? Again, this is the US version that is handicapped when compared to the Korean version. I hope that LG will decide to make the G2 Korean version available here in the US carriers as well. Android is supposed to be an open sourced platform for users not wanting to be pent up like Apple, so why limit the Android American public like this?

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