Samsung Galaxy Grand DUOS (GT-I9082) gets Android 4.2.2 update

Samsung Galaxy Grand DUOS

Samsung has started rolling out Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Grand DUOS (model number GT-I9082). The new software has been caught in Russia and it’s safe to assume that the global rollout will follow shortly.

The update’s build number is I9105PXXUBMG8, and it brings along few new features like lockscreen widgets, dedicated toggles menu in the status bar, improved task switching, Daydream screensaver mode, as well as performance enhancements. On the TouchWiz side of things, expect to see new widgets, homescreen and more from the Galaxy S4.

If you can’t wait for the OTA update, you can download the new ROM and manually flash it to your Galaxy Grand DUOS. Some things could go wrong and you may end-up with a bricked device. Therefore we can’t really suggest anyone to take this route. If you’re however eager to try it out, check out SamMobile for few additional details and ROM download instructions. Good luck.

  • apriyan

    ive problem after updating to 4.2.2,the wifi connection is unstable now,it suddenly lost then reconnect again after few seconds…what should i do with this?getting frustrated with this update

  • nidhani

    yesterday I updating MY GRAND GALAXY to 4.2.2 I have many problems

    1. I can not use multi windows because it was inactive in menu whatever i use to do it active noway

    2. I can not reach to the USB development in the mean menu

    3. when I use the google internet homepage I can not add a favorites page to the book mark

    4. I can not change the paragraph I write it on the lock screen & I can not chose what i need to use on this page and what i do not need to appear on this page like the date the time and what like

    please if you have some thing to help me to solve the problems


    • HJ nidhal

      I have solved all these problems

      1. by choose standard mode not easy mode ( multi windows) just work with standard

      2. by select about device – built number tab several time on it then go back you will see it before about device
      3. also will solve by choose standard mode as 1 above

      4. select lock screen then choose lock screen widgets to change what you want

      • Sanjay Varshaney

        Thanks Nidhal. Your solution solved my similar problem too after version upgrade.
        Other than this my galaxy grand showing incorrect battery status. Battery shows charging even after unplugging charger. Very soon it comes 100% in ghostly manner without and connection and then sticks to same status. If uncharged going with this status then all of sudden phone becomes dead due to battery depletion to 0% without any warning. Not sure if this is because of version upgrade to 4.2.2. This was going well in India but noticed this ghostly behaviour the day I landed in US. Then same day I upgraded the version and since then this issue is prominent/ Almost daily I need to restart the phone to have correct status of battery. Not sure if this is a existing bug not handling power supply difference correctly or the bug introduced by version upgrade to 4.2.2. Can any one suggest the solution?

  • Deva

    i updated my grand duos with 4.2.2 few days back, but it was not looking good fonts are bold and big on each and every apps. and looks very hard. And i didn’t see any performance increase as well. I satisfied only with home screen its looks pretty.

  • Sanjeev

    Those who are facing issues because of upgrading to 4.2.2 update. Please update the firmware using KIES. Update is not available OTA.

  • linish

    i cant use customize font after update to 4.2.2.

  • Pearl Lee Ann Fernandez

    why theres no screenshot in this version? ahhh.. i cant get pics from facebook or twitter easier.. 🙁 or maybe theres a screenshot but where can i find it? help please..

  • Pearl Lee Ann Fernandez

    how can i get my galaxy grand duos back to its original version?

  • Gulzar

    font size is small coming in GT – I9082 samsung

  • Gulzar

    my son was playing and changed the setting

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