Facebook acquiring makers of the translation app Jibbigo

Facebook acquiring makers of the translation app Jibbigo

As part of its long-term plans, Facebook is acquiring Mobile Technologies, makers of the translation app for iOS and Android – Jibbigo. If you don’t know, that application allows users to translate text or voice into other languages.

This is an important piece of technology for the social network, with their Director of Product Management, Tom Stocky, saying: “Voice technology has become an increasingly important way for people to navigate mobile devices and the web, and this technology will help us evolve our products to match that evolution.” He went on to add that this is an investment in the “long-term product roadmap.”

It’s still unclear what will happen with the Jibbigo app and existing users can only hope it will stay supported. The rest of us (who don’t use that application) are looking forward to the new features in Facebook’s suite of apps. 😉

[Via: TechCrunch]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    So Facebook will now know what we’re saying on all languages…

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