Friday Funnies: Bill Gates Biopic is Even Bigger than Jobs – Watch it here!

With today’s release of Jobs¬†blowing up the theaters, it’s important to remember that Steve Jobs wasn’t the only titan of tech with an inspirational story. The folks at Official Comedy have released a trailer for a new biopic on the times of the great Bill Gates.

It’s an intimate portrayal of the man and his vision. A gripping moment is the release of Excel! With the help of his trusty spirit avatar, the noble Clippy, Gates rockets to success and changes the world!

Watch it below!

Ashton Kutcher’s JOBS premieres August 16th, following the life and times of legendary innovator Steve Jobs, but where’s the movie for the even more thrilling Bill Gates? Here it is.

Ryan Williams as Bill Gates
Dan Hodapp as Paul Allen
Clippy as Himself

[Via: Official Comedy]

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