LG Unveils NFC Enabled Oven You Control with Your Android Device

Korean electronics giant LG has unveiled its latest and greatest Android device, and it’s not a phone. The LG Lightwave Dios oven not only has an Air Fry feature that reduces your fat intake by up to 77%, it’s NFC enabled and can be paired with your Android phone (such as the LG G2) and a specially designed app.

The Android powered, smart appliance future is here folks! After you’ve digested the nutritious meal you cook in LG’s oven, the Satis has your back. It’s only a matter of time until all the appliances in your home are “smart” and connected to apps on your smartphone. So think twice before the next time you leave the fridge door open, you might be hurting its feelings!

The official announcement lays out the features. Since it’s in Korean, forgive the Google Translate.

Cooking smartphone from LG Electronics Cleaning the inside as far as possible ‘Dios conventional oven’ oven introduce new products and enhance the market penetration.

New (Model: MA323DBN including 5 species) equipped with an NFC-enabled easy and convenient, healthy frying oil that can be casually “air fries”, luxurious interior design, including the effects that are characterized by Karim Rashid.

One-touch smart phones, as well as more than 220 dishes to thoroughly clean the inside of

LG Electronics, the user can put up new smartphone ‘LG Lightwave Oven Dios’ app you want to cook in the oven, then hover tags cooking function, temperature and time set automatically have to have an easy and convenient way to cook.

App Most of the domestic auto cook menu of over 220 is equipped. Grilled / steamed / oven cooking as well as the steam / Fermentation / fried, and the user can select a variety of dishes, choose food that has also recommended the possible kinds of food gives.
New in the oven, cooking for beginners, as well as poor lyrics busy housewife can change the life of comfort is a custom electronics.

Multi-Clean function is easy to clean inside. App “multi-Clean ‘menu hover in the oven Tags deodorant, steam cleaning, jansu removal, drying time can be resolved.

[Via: LG News Korea]

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