Audi brings souped-up user manual app to iOS

Audi is bringing a new and creative way for drivers of the A1 and A3 to know more about their cars. The revamped mobile app for the iPhone and iPad has an interesting feature, which lets users point their iPhone camera at any different part of their Audi car. Once a user points in a particular spot, the app then identifies the parts in augmented reality and provides close enough information for that particular part.

The app morphs people’s phone into a useful tool that shows a detailed user manual, included with diagrams that explains more than 300 different car parts. The way the application works is by pulling information in and out of the cloud. Since this is being operated in the cloud, it doesn’t need to have updates downloaded to make it better.

WiFi is required for this app to fully work, and it only speaks in English, German and Japanese. Not sure how good this app scanner reads, but it’s a great idea nevertheless. If companies can get this augmented reality thing down pack, it would make searching for things a lot easier.

Could you imagine taking a picture of something and Google being able to recognize what is, pulling it up on search? Crazy.

iTunes App Store (German)

[via Mashable]



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