Oppo Find 5 to get Ubuntu Touch?

Oppo Find 5 to get Ubuntu Touch?

Oppo Find 5 seems so popular that some developers want to port Ubuntu Touch to it. The main guy behind this project is Oppo forum user Eoghan, who has only just started “getting a device tree etc modified to work with Ubuntu touch’s build environment.”

There’s little “fancy pants” stuff to see for now but we may get the first working version within next few weeks or so. Ubuntu’s comprehensive set of documentation on porting Ubuntu Touch to Android devices will certainly help make this an easier effort, but then again – there’s a lot of work ahead.

You are free to join conversation at Oppo forums, from where you can also keep up with this project.

We love how this all sounds and can’t wait for Canonical to finally launch Ubuntu for Android, finally allowing us to have one device for all our needs…

  • PeterSteinbeck

    All of us want Ubuntu on our Android phones. 🙂

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