Baidu launches app platform without the downloads

Baidu launches app platform without the downloads

Chinese search giant Baidu launched a mobile web-apps store that doesn’t require users to download anything on their devices.

The Light Apps distribution platform relies on Baidu’s search technology for app discovery, making sure lesser-known apps have a chance competing with the big boys.

The system presents users with a search box where they should type a task they need performed, and Baidu then returns them the list of apps appropriate for that use.

According to China Daily, Baidu chief executive Robin Li said that the traditional app store model only benefits a few popular apps, meaning it is difficult for smaller players to succeed. He added that only a few hundred apps account for 70% of downloads, leaving thousands of developers to battle it out for the remainder.

Going forward, Baidu plans to add services such as online payment, travel guides and music to the Light App platform…

[Via: MobileWorldLive]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Web apps are cool. But native apps are better. We need system-wide notifications and I’m not sure HTML apps can do that.

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