[Leak]: Will the Xbox One Launch on Nov. 8?

Microsoft has yet to announce an official release date for its new Xbox One console. But a leaked email points to a November 8th launch, a week before the PS4. Check it out below!

Sony announced the release date for its Playstation 4 at last week’s Gamescom conference in Cologne, Germany. The PS4 will drop on November 15th in the United States, and the 29th elsewhere. If this leak prove’s true, Microsoft will have a one week advantage over Sony.

Gaming site Kotaku released the leak, saying its source “who works for a marketing company that handles signage and product placement for retail giant Walmart, passed along what they say is an email for a company conference call that lists all the midnight openings the chain has planned.”

The image shows a list of midnight releases for games and systems, with the Xbox One listed as Nov. 8th. However, the other listings are marked as “confirmed” where the Xbox One is not. So this is hardly definitive proof.

Still, this date slipping out now shows a potentially savvy move on Microsoft’s part. Letting Sony announce first and then setting the Xbox One release a week earlier is a shrewd move!


[Via: Kotaku]

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