Leak: T-Mobile’s Moto X to be Sold Via the Google Play Store?

So T-Mobile, what’s up with the Moto X? According to a leaked internal T-Mo screenshot from TmoNews, it looks as T-Mobile will be selling the device externally, through the Google Play Store.

This seems a bit strange, with a previous statement from T-Mobile stating that the Moto X would be “initially be available through Motorola’s channels.” That could very well mean the Google Play Store, as the Moto X is after all the first handset that Google and Motorola developed.

So, if T-Mobile’s Moto X will be sold exclusively through the Google Play Store, will customers be able to take advantage of the Moto Maker, the Moto X customizer? Moto Maker is exclusive to AT&T at the moment, but will be available for Verizon customers soon. It’s possible, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Check back with us for more details about T-Mobile’s Moto X launch.

[Via: TmoNews]

  • Charles

    The Moto-X is pathetic. They have to keep it online cause it violates fair trade practices. They refuse to pay Microsoft for its inventions and have found a way around import ban’s. Pathetic.

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