History of mobile technology in business [infographic]

History of mobile technology in business

Good folks from SwitchPay prepared a neat infographic to show the history of mobile technology in business.

Today, 98% of small businesses use wireless or mobile technology in their operations, and 66% of them wouldn’t survive without it (or it would be a major challenge to survive without this technology).

This wasn’t always the case, though. First mobile telephone call was made in 1946, and the first mobile telephone service was opened a year later. And even then small businesses existed.

The first cordless phone was invented in 1965 and that was also the year when AT&T launched IMTS. In 1971, AT&T set in place the modern-day mobile phone system that enabled the first mobile telephone call from a mobile phone two years later…

30 years from that date, BlackBerry launched its first smartphone. In 2007, Apple launched the iPhone and then the AppStore a year later… Check out all the details from the infographic below. Click on the image to get an even bigger file.

History of Mobile Technology

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