BBM for iOS hits App Store, awaits approval

We all knew this was inevitable. BlackBerry Messenger has been submitted to the App Store, and now it waits for Apple’s approval. This comes after a video leaked of the popular messaging app working on Android by way of beta. News of the app hitting the App Store came thanks to BlackBerry’s Alex Kinsella putting out this tweet on Twitter:

Just in case we forgot to mention, BBM for iPhone was submitted for review 2 wks ago. #waiting #BBM4ALL

We would be shocked if BBM for iPhone ran into some kind of snag to be cleared, as they’re plenty of similar services already available through the store, including WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and etc.

Now we wait.

[iMore; via Alex Kinsella (Twitter)]

  • Android can’t be far behind.

  • englishmike

    Hits The App Store? Poor Headline. You can say Hit The App Store once it’s approved!

    • “… awaits approval.”

      • englishmike

        Exactly!!! Get rid of “Hits the App Store” and you’ll be right.

  • MC Wong

    Bbm is in a class of its own. Apple should have given it preferential approval instead of 2 or 3 weeks. If true then Apple is not showing Blackberry/bbm any respect just because it’s going through a bad time. A Korean company, Samsung shows more respect by showcasing bbm.

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