Apple quietly pulls its Cards app for iOS

In the midst of all the hubbub about the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, Apple made at least one other significant change that was not announced. Much to the chagrin of card-sending iOS owners, Apple  has decided to pull its Cards app from the iOS App Store and end its associated service.

Cards was launched in 2011 and allowed people to send 100-percent cotton, custom letterpress cards to folks in their inner circle. After a two-year stint, the service is being retired. The Cards app is in the process of being pulled from the iOS App Store, and iOS owners who have it installed are greeted with a note saying “The Cards service is no longer available. You can review your previous purchases in Saved Cards.”

Cards will live on in iPhoto for the Mac, which has its own calendar and card printing service.

[Via Macworld and Apple]

  • Willie D

    They gave you iWorks, iPhoto, iMovie and a ton of other apps free, they had to take away something…

  • Touchnote

    Shame, we’re sorry to see Apple Cards shut down.

    If you’re looking for an alternative card-sending app, feel free to check out our app – Touchnote
    – Printed postcards and greeting cards
    – iPhone, iPad and Android
    – Over 4m downloads, free download

    Oded @touchnote

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