Infographic: A Look At NSA Cell Phone Tracking

Ever since Edward Snowden leaked classified NSA files a few months ago, new revelations of the government spy agency’s questionable tactics are a daily occurrence. A new infographic helps explain the extent of the NSA spying program, as it pertains to tracking the mobile devices of American citizens.

The infographic starts out by explaining the way in which the NSA gathers data and meta-data, which begins by gathering a massive amount of emails, browsing histories, and even Google Maps browsing history. The NSA essentially gobbles up all of the data it can on citizens, and then analyzes it after the data is stored on one of the NSA’s servers. While almost all of America’s wireless carriers have been implicated in providing data and or”backdoor access” to the NSA, Verizon was the first company to be found giving up customer call meta-data to the NSA.

The NSA utilizes the XKEYSCORE program to search through its compiled data, which is accessible by NSA agents and its various security contractors (Snowden was, after all, working for a NSA contractor). Along with analyzing massive amounts of data on an individual, the NSA also has the ability to track locations of cell phones and even turn them on remotely when powered off. As long as the battery is in your device, the NSA has the capability to it on and activate the microphone.

So check out the infographic below for a visual approximation of some of the NSA’s spying capabilities, as well as the links below to NSA related stories we have covered here at IntoMobile. Keep your eyes on the news for more NSA news as the Snowden files leak out over time.

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