Ingress Set To Receive Player Achievement System In Upcoming V1.35 Update

In the latest episode of the Ingress Report, it was “announced” that players can expect to see a new achievement system added to the game in an upcoming update. The past few updates for Ingress have mainly focused on cleaning up the user interface, and now we’re glad to see the Niantic team is back in action and offering up cool and engaging new features.

You can find the latest episode of the Ingress Report below, along with the new achievements that will soon be hitting the Ingress scanner app in version 1.35.


Here’s a full list of the new achievements and what they signify:


Explorer – Indicates visits and hacks to distinct portals

Pioneer – Capture of distinct portals

Liberator – Capture of all portals

Purifier – tracks amount of enemy resonators destroyed

Hacker – Indicates the number of portals hacked

Guardian – Tracks the ability to maintain a portal for an extended amount of time

Builder – Tracks number of resonators deployed

Seer – Tracks new portals discovered and successfully submitted

Connector – signals number of portals linked

Mind Control – Recognizes the creation of control fields

The idea of an achievement system for Ingress is definitely a welcomed one and it will be interesting to see how it’s implemented into the game, and whether or not you can either share your achievements with others, or view other players’ achievements.

Ingress has definitely come a long way since it’s debut last November, and with its birthday just a few months away, we’re hoping to see a few more big tweaks to the game.

As usual, until I run out of invites, I’ll be offering them up to those who are still seeking one out. I have four left, so throw your email down in the comments below and I’ll send the first four commenters an invite!

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