Stealthy Bartender Snaps Photos and Video of LG Nexus 5

Another Nexus 5 leak surfaced today, from a very stealthy bartender who snapped some pics and a short video of a Nexus 5 which was left unattended at a bar.

The photos look identical to ones we’ve seen before, and coincide well with a 3D render which surfaced this morning. The video shows Android KitKat in action, well, sort of. Unfortunately, the device was locked, so the only shots we see of KitKat are the lock screen. But hey, it’s better than nothing!

The Nexus 5 is expected to be manufactured by LG, with the first pictures of the device showing up alongside the unveiling of Google’s KitKat statue from a few weeks ago. A few Googlers were pictured handling what we believe to be the Nexus 5, with FCC filings following shortly thereafter. While Google and LG have not mentioned anything official about the upcoming Nexus device, the Nexus 5 is expected to come packing a 5-inch display, Qi-wireless charging support, 7 band LTE and a Snapdragon 800 processor.

A huge tip of the hat to the crafty bartender that snapped these pics. Keep the leaks coming!

[Via: Phandroid]

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