Yahoo for iOS 7 brings push notifications, “My Saves,” and cinemagraphs

Yahoo has updated its app to fit Apple’s new iOS 7 mobile operating system. What users get now is a more refined, lighter, more fluid experience. There are many changes added to the new app, including push notifications, an article saving feature called “My Saves,” and cinemagraphs.

Cinemagraphs was added to the mix to bring animated photos in the app to make articles come to life. Push notifications will be a treat because users will not have the ability to follow-up on breaking news once it happens, as it comes directly to the handset.

My Saves is a well implemented reading feature as it shows the Yahoo app doing what Apple’s Safari application does with its Reading List capabilities, where a person can just save an article for later; something Google has yet to smoothly carry out on its Chrome app. Of course My Saves will mimic iCloud or Google cloud services by synchronizing saved articles across devices, while also storing them locally for offline reading.

I haven’t used the app but I’m sure it will grab the attention from users who haven’t paid attention to the company in a while. Yahoo boss Marissa Myers is laser-focused in bringing a vastly improved mobile experience with all its services, and this new Yahoo app shows it.

“At Yahoo, we realize that it’s not just the quality of the content  that keeps you coming back, it’s the experience. That’s why we’ve made changes to almost every view of the app to make it cleaner, faster and more engaging.”

Via Yahoo (Tumblr)



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