iOS 7 bug allows bypass of lockscreen, comprises email and status updates

iOS 7 just hit the public yesterday and it already has a major security flaw. Today an eagle-eyed user out there was able to discover a way to bypass the passcode-protected lockscreen and get  access to the device’s photos app, which open the gate for entry into the phone’s email and social network accounts.

The way you can bypass the passcode is by accessing the alarm clock feature through Control Center, head to multitasking menu and hit the camera app from there. This issue runs through all versions of iOS 7, including 7.0.1 on the 5S tech site Engadget tested the hack on. This isn’t the first time Apple had a major bug comprise lockscreen security on its iProducts. We’re hoping the company readies a fix to blast out to us very shortly.

Apple will more than likely serve up a software patch to close this gaping security hole, as it preps a 7.0.2 update. However, for the time being, we’d recommend folks who are worried about this to disable access to Control Center (in the settings) until an update addressing the issue rolls out to each device running iOS 7.

The video shows how the user did it. See if you can replicate what’s being done, so you can see it on your own handset.

[@vbarraquito; via Engadget]

  • Ip4

    It doesnt happen on th iphone 4..

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