The Line Outside Of Apple’s San Francisco Store Isn’t As Long As You’d Imagine

Most of you are already well aware that the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C officially made their debut today, with people lining up in droves for the hot new smartphones. One such location is the San Francisco Apple store, but this time around, the line was a fraction of what we’ve seen at this location for previous iPhone releases.

While there is a ton of construction going on right in front of the store and along the street, the line definitely didn’t wrap around the block as we’ve seen before. That said, this morning there were many more people waiting in line. Here are a few shots of the crowd today around noon.


The line at Apple’s store isn’t as long as we’ve seen it, but we can easily believe that there will be a consistent line for quite a while now.

Did you wait in line to grab the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C?

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