Ubuntu’s smartphone OS launching on October 17th

Ubuntu's smartphone OS launching on October 17th

Even though Ubuntu didn’t manage to raise the funds needed to make its Ubuntu Edge smartphone, the company keeps pursuing its mobile platform (that also works on tablets). According to a blog post by QA community coordinator Nicholas Skaggs, the Ubuntu Touch 1.0 will officially be out on October 17th.

What makes Ubuntu Touch great is its ability to span different devices and form factors: it can work on a smartphone, tablet, and when docked and connected to a monitor – act like a regular desktop PC running one of the most popular Linux distributions. The idea here is sound – one platform for all your needs. And if the “right hardware” is there (think – something like Asus PadFone), it could be one device to rule them all.

While the rest of us are waiting for the first official release (which will work on an array of Nexus devices), developer preview has been out for some time for the savvy few. If you’re in that group, please check all the feature thoroughly and report all the bugs you notice. So we can get a better product at the end. 😉

Now we’re hoping that Ubuntu for Android will also be released shortly…

[Via: PCworld]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    All I care is Ubuntu for Android. That should be their primary product…

  • heldeman

    I want, need, crave, must have Ubuntu’s smartphone

  • east

    this might be my first phone.

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