iPhone 6 Concept Will Make You Regret Your 5S Purchase

While the iPhone 5S is selling like hotcakes, we’re not at all surprised to hear rumblings about the iPhone 6 already. We’re also not surprised to see iPhone 6 concepts popping up, like the one you see here.

iPhone concept designs are some of the most intriguing we’ve seen, and this one is no exception. The ultra thin design showcases a large, edge to edge display with the home button embedded right onto the screen.

We’re more than aware that Apple is likely testing out a larger display on upcoming iPhones, and for now, it’s concept designs like this that will be the best we’ll get until (possibly) next year.

While we certainly don’t doubt Apple’s design prowess, more often than not concept designs look better than the real deal. For now, carry on with your day and hope that the iPhone 6 will look this sexy.

What do you think about this concept design? Sound off in the comments below!

[Via: GottaBeMobile]

  • Willie D

    Home button embedded in the screen, Android had that for the last how many years now?

    • Nick V

      But how will they use their fingerprint scanner, when the apps keep popping up because the are clicking on the icon?

    • Steve Librandi

      android is chevy iphone is class, people LOVE them, accept it.

  • nerds

    looks like the nexus 5. even iFans copy!

    • Nick V

      How could you disgrace the Nexus 5 with this comment?

      • Steve Librandi

        nexus is cheap junk

        • Nick V

          Like you would have an idea. Stick to your boring and tiny iPhone. Apparently, they [Apple] have to continue to enter new markets to keep up their demand looking high.

          Why didn’t they have a pre-order for the 5s? Because they needed to create an artificial demand. Glad you fell for it.

        • Moku

          Oh, so that means your adorably small iPhone is the Holy Grail?

  • anggaraa

    Nice design.,after see this, i dont interesting to buy ipone 5s.,just wait for this iphone release and save my money to buy it..

  • birdy

    Come on, this is just some dudes make a concept, I don’t even see it as a “design”. And it’s not from Apple either.

  • kung fu fighter

    IN OTHER TECHIE WET DREAM NEWS……my galaxy gear reported the temperature of my farts when I strapped it on my sausage. Exactly 99 degrees. It’s heating up. Back to you INTOMOBILE for more sh*tty journalism.

  • kung fu fighter

    INTOMOBILE + B.S. concept articles= IMMOBILE.COM

  • just being honest

    that’s kind of ugly

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