Google Glass is Going On Tour!

Google Glass is still only available to a select few “explorers” but Google announced today that a lot more people will get a chance to check out its wearable tech soon. Google’s taking the Glass show on the road, touring the country to pump people up about its headgear. The first date is Oct. 5th. Announced today on Google+, the tour kicks off like all great things, in Durham North Carolina.

Wanna try Glass? Damn right you do. Just kidding… but seriously if you do want to, we’re going to start bringing Glass to cities across the US so you can give it a spin. You’ll be able to try on Glass, ask questions and chat with the Glass team in person. We’re kicking off in Durham, NC, on October 5th and we’ll be on the road, heading to other cities after that. Stay tuned here on G+ and we’ll let you know where we’re going next.

If you’re in the Durham area, here’s the link to RSVP to the event. Surprisingly, the tour of the century isn’t starting out at a sold out stadium but  Bay 7, American Tobacco Campus. Because that’s a place that exists.

Google still hasn’t announced a release date for the consumer model of Google Glass. But the company’s been making a point of getting glass into the hands (or, onto the faces) of important taste makers in the fashion industry. Glass was all over the place at fashion week, and was featured in a recent photo spread in Vogue.

Those moves, along with rumors that Google has its own Apple Store like retail locations in the works, point to a major boost in Google’s focus on consumer goods. In the stores customers all over the country could get their hands on Glass, building major hype for its inevitable wide release.

So get ready for some face melting shreddage, because Google Glass is on tour! I saw them open for Thin Lizzy back in 1981 and let me tell you, those guys can WAIL!

[Via: Google]


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