Netflix iOS 7 update brings high-def video and Airplay streaming

Today Netflix updated its iOS app with many improvements, including support for high-definition video and Airplay streaming. These additions were long overdue, and we’re sure many users are elated to have them.

In addition to the two major streaming features, the Netflix update brings “playback optimizations” and “stability improvements” to the iOS 7 app, which essentially, is bug fixes. These minor features are important because they help prevent untimely crashes when streaming your favorite TV show or movie.

There’s only one minor hiccup with the Airplay streaming mode, as Netflix requires users to disable mirroring while using it. This isn’t a bad thing because it allows folks to do other things while their streaming, instead of being stuck seeing whatever the television is showing on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Besides it’ll save significant battery life as well.

Netflix is just doing what its competitor Amazon did a couple of weeks back, as the giant eCommerce company recently updated its Amazon Instant Video app for iOS with similar features. One of the big features included Airplay.

If you don’t have the Netflix app on your iOS device for whatever reason, feel free to grab the latest version here by way of the Apple app store.


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    how do you disable mirroring?

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