Comcast and Twitter ‘See It’ let’s users change channels, record shows from a tweet

Social media and television are becoming more synonymous with how people go about sharing and enjoying entertainment. So in further combining both universes, Comcast and Twitter have joined forces to bring a new feature called “See It” that users will see embedded in NBCUniversal tweets beginning in November. For those of you who don’t know, NBCUniversal is wholly owned by Comcast.

The way it works is when Xfinity users hit the See It button, they to tune into live programming either on their set-top box or right from the smartphone or tablet. In essence, Twitter could soon replace your remote control. In addition users can schedule DVR recordings while away from your TV.

Twitter is thinking big with this feature, as it wants to expand See It to more content providers in the near future.

“See It is designed to integrate with other video distribution partners, television networks and websites. We look forward to working with Comcast to extend this offering to other partners who will connect more great content to Twitter. Ultimately, we want to make watching TV along with Twitter even more fun.”

Crazy thing is, Comcast is behind the See It feature. The cable television provider chose Twitter as its first partner. This move is brilliant as it converts social media conversation into immediate demand and ratings. And according to The Verge, the company has even loftier ambitions like offering this service to other cable and satellite distributors. The goal is to make it an industry-wide tool.

This will be great for Comcast customers, however, it would be nice if non-cable people got something similar.

[Twitter, Comcast; via The Verge]

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