Android Launcher Aviate Opens Up In Private Beta

A new homescreen launcher has launched in private beta called Aviate. Aviate is looking to set itself apart from the likes of Facebook Home and Nova Launcher by providing a clean, easy to use interface which intelligently categorizes apps in groups based on a user’s smartphone usage.

Aviate provides “Spaces” which group apps and files on the homescreen depending on what the user is doing at that moment. At work? Open the work tab and all work related apps and files will be featured there. Chilling after work and don’t want to be bothered? Click on the do not disturb icon and let the relaxing night begin. Aviate makes it easy to find a nearby restaurant or check in to a nearby spot.

Visually, Aviate is pleasing, resembling the clean look of most Google Android apps. The app runs smoothly, and has been very useful so far. It will take a little getting used to, but Aviate looks like an app that will stay on my device for some time to come.

Check out the screenshots below and let us know what you think of Aviate!

Aviate Launches Into Private Beta To Simplify Android Phones Everywhere

Intelligent Homescreen Automatically Organizes Apps And Contextually Surfaces Information When Needed Most

(PRWEB) October 15, 2013

Aviate, the intelligent homescreen that simplifies Android phones, today launched into private beta in the Google Play store. Aviate was built because our phones should be smarter. It delivers an entirely dynamic homescreen experience that contextually surfaces the information and apps that users need, precisely when they need them.

Upon install, Aviate automatically categorizes similar apps into collections, making them easier to find and use at moment’s notice. Aviate also automatically places users’ most used apps on their homescreen, and provides an easy to find alphabetical listing of all the apps on a user’s phone. Additionally, Aviate is able to make recommendations of other apps users may enjoy based upon recommendations and use from the Aviate community.

Aviate intelligently surfaces the most relevant apps and information throughout the day based on a user’s context. The “Spaces” feature organizes your phone’s information based upon what a user is doing and where they are. For example, when at a restaurant, Aviate will automatically surface a restaurant Space that displays popular tips, photos, easy check-in capability, and access to your most relevant apps for that context.” Or at night, Aviate automatically surfaces users’ alarm, schedule of meetings for the morning, and other useful information and apps users may need.

“Aviate’s mission is to connect people to the world’s information the moment it’s useful,” said Mark Daiss, one of the three co-founders of Aviate. Paul Montoy-Wilson, co-founder, expanded “We’ve gone beyond basic customization to deliver a fundamentally new smartphone experience, one that’s built around you and your lifestyle.”

Over time Aviate continues to improve by adapting to users’ routines and preferences.

“We’ve embedded contextual understanding deep into Aviate so your phone can adapt intelligently to the many ways you use it in your daily life,” said William Choi, Aviate’s third co-founder.

Aviate had previously only been available to a select number of users since its alpha launch in late June 2013. Effective immediately, the company is granting access to its entire alpha waitlist of 70,000 users after they download the latest version, and extending an invite for anyone to sign up to join the beta. In addition, each member that had signed up to the alpha community will be provided with five invites for their friends.

Aviate features include:

Personalization — auto-adapts your homescreen to your lifestyle, current context, and interests
Simple navigation — transforms your phone into three, easy-to-navigate screens
Clean design — streamlines your phone to make it feel faster and more efficient than ever
Collections — auto-categorize your apps so you don’t have to
Battery life — power-sipping design conserves users’ battery life
In May 2013, the company announced a $1.8 million seed round from Highland Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Freestyle Capital and Draper Associates to grow the team and continue development on the product’s underlying contextual engine and machine learning intelligence. The company is currently hiring talented engineers.
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Aviate is an intelligent homescreen that simplifies android phones. Aviate automatically categorizes apps into similar categories and intelligently surfaces apps and information on the home screen at precisely the moment it is most useful.
Aviate was designed and developed with smiles by ThumbsUp Labs in San Francisco, California. The company has raised $1.8 million from Highland Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Freestyle Capital and Draper Associates.
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