Samsung will Replace Spoiled Galaxy S4 Batteries for Free

Last week reports of Galaxy S4 battery issues surfaced. Today, Samsung announced it would replace any faulty batteries in its flagship phone free of charge!

The reports last week showed that some networks are seeing 30 per cent return rates of Samsung’s latest flagship phone due to continuing Samsung Galaxy S4 battery problems. The complaints ranged from batteries that quickly lost their charge, to “swollen” batteries that expanded to the point that they opened the phone’s case.

It’s a pain in the neck for folks who sprung for a shiny, new Galaxy S4. It’s always a bummer when there are issues with a new device. But it looks like Samsung’s on top of it, and acting quickly to make things right.

A Samsung spokesperson told TrustedReviews, “We are aware of this issue, which has affected a limited number of customers,” in a statement. Adding, “We ask all affected customers to please visit their nearest Samsung Electronics service centre, where they can receive a replacement battery for free of charge. We remain committed to providing the best possible user experience for our customers.”

The popular smartphone has only been on sale for 6 months, so it’s surprising that these battery issues are happening. Samsung’s quick action is sure to save the company some bad PR, it’s still a little worrisome that the issues are happening in the first place.

Have any of you Galaxy S4 users experienced these battery issues? Let us know in the comments!

  • Deborah Sawyer

    Yes. I contacted Samsung early this week. I have 2 extra batteries I purchased from Samsung and they are doing the same thing. I change my battery 3 times a day.

  • beatles

    NO samsung should give away all their phones rotting in warehouses for free

  • sumit

    Not affected me.

  • venu madhavan

    I Have faced the problem… battery is draining very fast… what should i do?
    But I bought a 15 days used t mobile galaxy s4.
    how can i solve my problem

  • Raakesh Khandoo

    Samsung – terrible service. Battery issues and nobody has stock. It takes several days (if you’re lucky) to get a new battery. And every place one takes it to, they have to test the phone (again) so you have to wait hours for that as well. Unbelievable. Lets see if Samsung responds to this!!!

  • AP

    Hi Wade. Thanks for the info. Do you know where we can get replacement here in PNW? Thanks!

  • Ali

    I have this problem.My battery have draining issue and I have to charge it 3-4times in every day for normal use.Today I found that my phone got very warm with out charging it.

    I’m living in Iran and samsung does not replace it for me.Fuk you samsung.

    I hate you for your product quality and your support service.

    The S4 battery costs a lot and I don’t have enough money :((

    Fuk you again…

  • Daniel

    lol free? they are charging me R250 repair fee…

  • samantha

    I have a galaxy s2 and my battery is always flat it has got worse over the weekend and it wont charge while my phone is on any chance you could replace this as there expensive to buy

  • Debjeet Das

    Samsung s4 battery really sucks…it has the worst battery backup I’ve ever seen…

  • Nupur Agrawal

    The same is happening with S4 is just 3-4 months old and the battery is draining out at a rapid speed, but the samsung guys refused to replace it for me. I don’t think it is very ethical on their behalf.

  • mujaahid

    i hate my R10 000 phone giving me problems from the beginning…samsung s4 cool phone but giving me problems..battery calls etc….

  • amit

    Hi I just bought phone 5 months back and battery draining in 1 hr.when it reach 60 % phone will go off and during recharge it show 0% . Don’t know wt to do.

  • Dom

    I was given an s4 as a present from my mother, But because she bought it off amazon the phone is a Hong Konng model, after sending it off to be repaired to samsung sent it back unrepaired with no explanation, i was then sent to carphone wharehouse and the guys there immediatly saw it was not a uk model, i then rang samsung and they are telling me to speak to the hong kong office,

    I really think this company need to sort there act out, the battery is faulty, it is made by your company so wherever it is bought from they should replace it.

    Youre cusomer service sucks!!!!

  • Rosmund Evans Reid

    Hi, Samsung, I live in Northern Ireland and am having problems with my battery as well, where can i go to get help with this . Many Thanks

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