The PS4 will be Over $1,800 in Brazil

Brazil has a lot going for it, but a PS4 for $399 isn’t one of them. The Playstation 4 will launch in Brazil on November 29, the same day as Europe. But the South American country won’t be getting the same price. Unfortunately for Brazilians, the PS4 will be 3,999 Brazilian Reais, which is about $1,852 American.

Sony has yet to comment, only briefly announcing the price on its Brazilian Playstation Blog. Brazil has a high taxation rate on electronic imports, which most folks are chalking the high price up to. But the announced PS4 blog seems outrageous and the comments on the blog post are understandably outraged.

South American markets are notoriously under served by game companies, and this latest move from Sony is disappointing and means that only the very wealthy will even consider buying the new console.

[Via: Playstation Blog Brazil]


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