PS4 Will Sport a Larger Hard Drive Enclosure That Allows for 1.5 TB Drive!

Sony just keeps on giving the people what they want! Apparently Sony’s new PS4 console will feature a 12.5 mm hard drive, instead of the original 9.5mm. This means a user can replace the hard drive that ships with the PS4 with a huge 1.5 TB SATA drive!

German website Computer Bild did a complete tear down of a PS4 dev unit, discovering the hard drive size as well as some other interesting tidbits. It seem’s Sony’s PS4 will support the easy removal and replacement of its hard drive, like the PS3 before it.

Any 2.5 inch SATA drive can be used in the PS4, as with the PS3. But the PS4 is sizing up the height of the drives it can use, fitting a drive with a 12.5 mm height, sized up from the PS3’s 9.5 mm space. The drive dock also uses regular Phillips head screws, instead of some proprietary screw heads (I’m looking at you, Apple) that you need a special tool to remove.

It’s also been reported that those screws are emblazoned with the circle, square, X and triangle of the Playstation’s face buttons. Always adding little touches, aren’t you Sony? And that’s why we love you.

The console only has HDMI out, no component or composite output. This might seem surprising, but it really shouldn’t. Who’s going to buy a $400 console with bleeding edge visuals just to play it on a low resolution tube TV? Still, I could see a few people being peeved about this.

[Via: SlashGear]

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