Moto X Price Drop! Just $99 on AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular with Contract

The Moto X made waves when it was announced this summer. Motorola’s flagship offers up an Android experience that’s user-friendly and fun. Still, the phone’s price has been criticized as too high when compared to Android devices with more powerful specs. Now a major price drop puts the Moto X at just $99 (with contract) across AT&T, Sprint, and US Cellular!

The best deal is from US Cellular, which is offering a $75 credit for customers to switch carriers and bring their number over. That means a new Moto X is effectively $25!

Sprint and AT&T are both offering the Moto X for $99, but AT&T still holds the upper hand. If you want a custom Moto X, AT&T’s Moto Maker is the way to go. So if you’ve been dying to get that perfect combination of pink and brown, now’s the time.

The reduction in price definitely makes the Moto X more attractive to consumers. The phone’s middling hardware specs have failed to impress, but it includes nifty features, like touchless voice activation that give it an edge. It’s likely that Motorola will see a jump in Moto X sales.

Does this price drop make you want to go out and grab a Moto X? Let us know what you thinks in the comments!

[Via: Moto Maker]

  • Ben


  • newsjunkieintl

    Moto X was always overpriced, overhyped mediocre phone. Last year’s specs at 2013 top tier prices. $200 on contract, $600 off contract?

    Moto X should have been $99 or even $49 on contract, about $300 off contract.

    The 4.96″ full HD Nexus 5 with Snapdragon 800, 2GB RAM, 8MP OIS camera is going to be $350 off contract. Unlocked, multiple LTE bands, HSPA+, and CDMA. CRUSHES the Moto X.

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