Lenovo Adds Ashton Kutcher to the Company’s Payroll

BlackBerry has Alicia Keys, Verizon has J.Lo and now Lenovo has hired their very own celebrity, none other than the face of Steve Jobs, Ashton Kutcher. Lenovo sent out a tweet this morning announcing the acquisition, complete with a photo of Kutcher’s employee badge. Kutcher’s title at the company is listed as product engineer.

The announcement is a ploy to drum up excitement for Lenovo’s #Betterway global livestream, where the company will unveil a bevy of new products. Lenovo’s livestream begins at 10 PM ET tonight, and will include a musical performance by Hunter Hunted and will be filmed from You Tube’s new You Tube Space LA studio. Tune in tonight to see what exciting products Lenovo has in store for us.

[Via: Twitter]

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