Intel opens ARM chip factory

Intel opens ARM chip factory

In a surprising twist of events Intel opened a new factory that will — get this — make ARM-based chips. Not its own x86-based processors but those that rely on ARM’s architecture. Guess the chip giant is thinking that if it can’t beat them, it should join them. All while using its expertise in chip manufacturing.

The information comes from Intel partner Altera which used the ARM developers conference to spread the news. It is said that Altera’s 64-bit ARM chips will be made by Intel starting next year.

According to Nathan Brookwood, principal analyst at Insight 64, this is “huge” news. “Imagine ARM’s most powerful and technologically advanced 64-bit processor built on Intel’s leading-edge fabs. A duo that will be hard to beat,” he added.

Going forward, Intel may start competing with the likes of TSMC to make chips for NVidia or Qualcomm. Heck, Brookwood thinks, it could even end-up making Apple’s A7 processor “for the right price.”

If everything goes as planned, Intel will practically get a whole new division that manufactures chips for everyone willing to pay for the privilege. And considering its scale, it could easily emerge as a number one mobile chip maker, even if those chips aren’t using x86 architecture. Is that a great strategy or what? Any thoughts?

[Via: Forbes]

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