Transform Your iPhone Into A Heads-Up Display For Your Car With Hudway

Navigating with your iPhone just got a heck of a lot easier. A new app called Hudway for iOS turns your iPhone into a SAT/NAV device with a heads-up display. The app projects the iPhone screen on to a vehicle’s windshield, so that you don’t have to keep glancing at your device while driving.

The app requires you to set your destination and then simply place on the dashboard, where the app will beam driving directions, the vehicle’s speed and the distance of that next killer turn on to the windshield. No special film or modification is required.

Users can operate the app without a data connection, provided you load the map via Wi-Fi before embarking on your trip. This would be a great use of that old iPhone you’ve got lying around. The app also allows you to share routes with friends and family.

Since most of the shots of the app in action show dark and foggy conditions, we’re not too sure how well the feature will function in the daylight. It sure is cool though, and makes driving a little safer while navigating.

The Hudway app can be downloaded here. An Android version is said to arrive in February 2014. Check out the video below to see Hudway in action!

[Via: Mail Online]

  • englishmike

    Anyone actually tried it?

    Just keeps crashing everytime you put it into heads up mode. Junk!

  • Steven Deen

    This app seems to rely on the reflective quality of the windscreen – perhaps why the promo ad features the app being used at night. But what about with the sun glaring down on the car… will the HUD show as clearly? I’d be more inclined to check it out if I saw a demo in the sun.

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