Moto G Will Ship with Android 4.4 KitKat in North America

Motorola announced the Moto G this week, offering an ultra-affordable option that maintained a lot of the great features of its flagship Moto X. Unlike it’s older sibling, the Moto G debuted in Brazil and parts of Europe first, and won’t be coming to the United States until January. The Moto G will be sporting something new when it makes it American shores however, Android 4.4 KitKat!

The bargain handset will ship with Android 4.4 KitKat pre-installed in the US. The Moto Gs that are releasing now in other regions ship with Android 4.3, with a 4.4 update expected down the line – as promised in the handset’s recent launch event.

Omio got the confirmation from Mark Randal, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain & Operations at Motorola.

“It’ll be by the end of January. Here is the way to think about it: we have different waves of releases UK, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, France: are in what we call Wave 1. And wave 1 will release with 4.3 [Android Jelly Bean], and by the end of January, all those people will get onto 4.4.

“Wave 2, products that we ship after Christmas, will start with KitKat. So if you think about it, everyone by the end of January will have KitKat. Wave 2 is in the US; there’s South East Asia, and other countries. Overall, the device will be in more than 30 countries, with 60 carrier or channel partners”

The Moto G has been confirmed for Verizon early in 2014, and will be coming to prepaid services in the same time frame. It’s thought of by many to be the answer to the lackluster performance of the Moto X. The Moto G features many of the Moto X’s feature but with a $179 (unlocked) price tag.

[Via: Omio]

  • cornerofthemoon

    It will be enjoyed by tens of people in America.

  • rtjmay

    You seem to forget that Canada is part of North America and will be getting the Moto G with 4.3 later this month.

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