Review: SMS Audio Sync By 50 Portable Wireless Speaker

SMS Audio, known for their extensive line of high-end headphones and audio devices, recently added a beautiful portable speaker to their device lineup, the Sync by 50 Portable Wireless Speaker. Backed by none other than rapper 50 Cent himself, the device packs a solid performance and intriguing design into an affordable package. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the Sync by 50 and push it to its limits, which wasn’t easy to do.

Is the Sync by 50 the right portable wireless speaker for you? Read our review to find out for yourself!

The first thing you will notice about the Sync by 50 wireless speaker is the shiny blue box is comes in. Upon opening, you will find a micro USB charging cord, a 3.5mm audio cord and a nifty little carrying case, complete with carabinier so you can strap the speaker to your backpack. Or, if you’re feeling hyphy, your belt. The case is a nice touch, ensuring that your speaker won’t get damaged by a semi-closed 40 oz. in your backpack or other nefarious elements.

The Sync by 50 is cylindrical in shape, tapering up from the ends into a pyramid like shape. The ends are where the speakers themselves reside, covered by a black metal mesh. It comes in a solid black color, which is contrasted by two bright blue ‘S’ icons on either speaker grill. The control icons reside on the top of the device, and a micro USB port, 3.5mm audio port and power button are tastefully placed in a horizontal cluster one side of the speaker. A small shiny black plastic rim runs along the speakers and around the control panel, giving the speaker a little bit of bling.

A small slider button appears on one side of the device, which turns the speaker on and off, and pairs the speaker with any broadcasting Bluetooth device. Once connected, a pleasing voice pronounces, “connected.” It’s a nice touch in the age of bleeps and bloops. The speaker utilizes NFC as well, allowing you to tap your NFC supported device to the speaker to initiate Bluetooth pairing. It’s that simple, and it works like a charm.

As for the tech packed into this amazing speaker, the SYNC by 50 packs Bluetooth 4.0 aptX, omni-directional 3D stereo sound and 50mm drivers that provide clear and crisp sound that doesn’t skip on the bass. Highs and lows sound amazing, as well as everything in between.

For controls, the speaker sports soft touch sensor keys which reside on the top of the speaker. Five buttons are present, which allow you to skip or play songs, control the volume, initiate a voice call via the attached device and choose from 5 pre-set EQ modes. The 3D button can be pressed to choose from EQ settings such as Normal, eXTX, Live, Wide and MEX. My personal favorite is the Live setting, which makes you feel like you are listening to the music in person. Vocals take center stage in this mode, with other instruments comprising a soft yet distinguishable sound. It may just be better than a live performance actually, as the sound is layered unlike most muddy sounding concerts.

Did I mention you can make voice calls via the speaker? This one I found out on surprise. By pressing the phone button on the top of the speaker, you can initiate a voice call totally hands free. After the button is pressed, the speaker asks you to say the name or number of who you would like to call. After confirming the number, the speaker places the call, and pipes it though the speaker. Calls come through crisp and clean, and can get really loud if you’ve got the bad boy cranked up to 11.

The Sync By 50 comes with a hefty rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, which lasts forever and then some. At a full charge, I was able to play music on the speaker for 8 hours straight with no problems. The speaker even had juice to spare the next day; I was able to rock out for around 6 more hours and make a few phone calls before the battery needed a little boost. That’s enough juice to make the Sync by 50 the perfect solution for travelling and adventuring. It even sounds better than most stock car stereos, so you may just find the Sync by 50 Wireless Speaker riding shotgun in your whip.

For $199.99, the Sync by 50 Portable Wireless Speaker is an amazing deal. This bad boy pairs easily with a Bluetooth device, provides hours of battery life and has enough juice to turn your boring living room into a dance club.

The Sync by 50 Portable Wireless Speaker can be purchased on the SMS Audio website for $199.95, and is coming to major retailers soon, just in time for the holidays.

Make sure to check it out! If you need me, you can find me in the club!

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