Xbox One SmartGlass Comes to Windows Phone Early – Xbox One Drops on Nov 22!

The Console Wars are heating up, and Sony’s already struck a blow with the successful release of its PS4 last week. Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One, comes out in just a few short days. Dropping on Friday, November 22, the Xbox One will have the customary midnight release. Those gamers who’ve hedged their bets on Microsoft’s new Xbox can get a jump on things now if they also use Windows Phone devices, as Xbox One SmartGlass is already out!

While you can’t do much with the app right now, you’ll be ahead of the game when you bring home your shiny, new Xbox One! SmartGlass will let you control lots of media features on the new console, as well as navigating menus. If you’re away from home, you can access your Xbox Live account to watch game DVR clips, look at achievements, and pin games to your Xbox One home screen.

Future updates should bring more promising options, like second screen features in certain games, and even remote play. The app will be coming to Android phones as well, probably on the day of the Xbox One’s release. If you’re using a Windows Phone device, you can grab Xbox One SmartGlass here. For more information the description from Microsoft follows below:

Xbox One SmartGlass

Xbox One SmartGlass is the perfect companion app for your Xbox One, both in your living room and on the go. Connect and control your Xbox One. Stay connected with the games and gamers you like. And add a new dimension to your console entertainment with the mobile device you already own.

In the living room:
• Navigate your Xbox One console using your device’s keyboard and touch
• Control your media and set top box with the SmartGlass remote control
• Browse the web on your TV using your mobile device
• Enhance what you are watching or playing with SmartGlass companions
• Increase performance with faster connections and reliability

In the living room and on the go:
• Search, browse, and pin content to play on your Xbox One console
• Track achievements, get game help, message friends, and watch game DVR clips

[Via: Windows Phone Apps]

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