Google Glass Gets 5 New Apps, More Functional Developer Tools

Google has updated its GDK, or Glass Developer Kit, the tool used by developers to create apps for Google’s wearable tech Google Glass. Google has five new apps up their sleeves, which have been built using the news GDK tools.

The new Glass apps are:

  • Spellista – an interactive word-puzzle game
  • GolfSight – golfing app, provides the distance to the hole, course information and scoring information
  • Allthecooks – recipe discovery and instruction
  • Strava – ride tracker app for use when riding a bicycle
  • Word Lens – A translation tool that translates chunks of text seen though Glass

These apps are the next step in Google Glass development, making the headset way more functional than it has ever been. Until now, developers have been using Google’s Mirror API, which was limited to displaying app information on Glass’ display, where the new tools allow developers to truly dig into the Google Glass source code, and access the array of sensors that are built into Google Glass.

Google Glass surely has some ground to cover before it is released in a consumer iteration, and it looks as though it’s moving along quite nicely.

[Via: Google]

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