PS4 Sold Out – Gamestop Alone Has 2.3 Million Backordered!

It’s common knowledge that the PS4 is sold out everywhere. Sony’s launch of the PS4 was a huge success, and over 1 million consoles sold on day one. Today Gamestop announced that it was not only sold out of Sony’s new console, it already has 2.3 million people on its “First to Know” list.

That’s right, there are over 2 million people waiting in the wings for their chance to get a Playstation 4! Of course, the number of folks on the list doesn’t directly correlate to future sales, but it’s fair to say there’s still a lot of interest. “We still have over 2.3 million customers on the First to Know List, which indicates continued demand for months to come,” GameStop President Tony Bartel told Bloomberg.

Sony’s new baby came out last Friday in North America, starting off the console wars. Sony surely will be shipping more soon, and hopes to keep the momentum up for the holiday season. The PS4?s main competitor, the Xbox One drops at midnight tonight and Microsoft is poised for an explosive launch of its own.

The Console Wars are heating up, folks! We’ll keep you posted. Sound off in the comments, Xbox One or PS4??

[Via: Bloomberg]

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    Wii U.

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      Wii who?

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      Wii tha best!!

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