8-inch Nokia Lumia 2020 tablet launching in Q1 2014?

Nokia Lumia 2520

Few days ago we’ve told you about an upcoming 8-inch Nokia tablet. Codenamed Nokia Illusionist, the device will actually be called Lumia 2020, fitting nice in the whole Nokia naming scheme — after all, its bigger brother is called Lumia 2520 so it makes perfect sense for a smaller tablet to wear the Lumia 2020 moniker.

We still don’t know the specs of this thing, but we’re hearing it will be a high-end device with top-notch specs that will likely include Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 quad-core chip, 2GB of RAM and so on. And just like that was the case with the Lumia 2520, Windows 8.1 RT will run the show. Hopefully, Nokia will also offer a keyboard dock of sorts with its smaller tablet.

Finally, when it comes to the launch date, it’s likely we’ll see the Lumia 2020 announced either at CES or Mobile World Congress…

[Via: Unwired View]

  • Gregory C Newman

    This sounds great but where is the Nokia full desktop type windows 8.1 tablet?
    .It looks like Microsoft will only allow it’s Nokia division to make Windows 8.1 RT devices..
    if that is true Microsoft has screwed up big time because A Nokia designed 8 inch
    Desktop type Windows 8.1 tablet would sell well. In fact a 2520 Atom powered desktop
    OS-Windows 8.1 tablet would sell like Hot cakes. Damn Microsoft what are you People
    thinking? Metal Surface Tablets are great but you do need a cheaper plastic line of Tablets to stay in the market One Tech site EXPERT has said People do not dislike
    Windows 8.1 Tablets it’s the selling price they don’t like. Make em cheaper and more
    People will buy them

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