Infographic: List of Google Now Commands

Google Now has added a number of commands over the last year, making the service a true competitor to Apple’s Siri. It’s pretty amazing how much the service has grown, from simple weather and traffic notifications to concert updates, Waze traffic data and even the ability to identify TV shows you are watching by listening to the dialog. Google Now notifications show up as cards, which are easy to navigate and dismiss.

Google recently added some new features to Google Now, adding a Website update card, News Topic card and a What to watch card. The cards will give Google Now the ability to update you on your favorite TV shows, what websites you should check out and breaking news topics.

Check out the infographic below to see all of Google Now’s over 60 voice commands, courtesy of

  • nerds

    Google Now is and always has been in a league of it’s own. To say “making the service a true competitor to Apple’s Siri” is disingenuous and misleading. Google’s voice actions predate Siri and were still better than Siri when apple introduced Siri. When voice actions and search were rolled into Google Now it immediately blew Siri out of the water. It has no equal in the personal assistant space. It is far more useful.

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