Nokia Camera app updated with RAW support

Nokia Camera app updated with RAW support

Nokia has yet again updated its Camera app to make its phones the best option for savvy photo takers. The latest new feature includes support for RAW DNG images which may be bigger at start, but allow users to be “more creative and do more with the images from their Nokia Lumia than ever before.”

At the moment, the new Nokia Camera app is compatible only with the Nokia Lumia 1520, which has started selling this week. Going forward, it [application] will also be available for Lumia 1020 and we guess few other PureView devices. In order to make that happen, the still-Finnish company will launch an update to “RAW-compatible devices” in early 2014.

The RAW DNG format was standardized by Adobe in 2004. And if you care to know more about Nokia’s support for RAW, you can do that from these two posts at Nokia Conversations.

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