Uber confirms report showing revenue estimates, but is pissed off with source who leaked it


Moments ago we told you about Uber’s leaked financial report that showed the company exceeding its original projected numbers. Now the taxi hailing service has confirmed that the report showing its revenue estimates is in fact true. Funny thing is, the company was forced to come clean on the estimates once it got out to the public.

Uber is mad that this information leaked to the public — so much that CEO Travis Kalanick is looking to potentially take action against the “leaker” and source. “We obviously take the dissemination of our proprietary information seriously and we will be looking to take action against the individual leaker and Valleywag [Gawker] source in short order,” said through email to AllThingsD.

Kalanick could be pissed with the chart that was leaked earlier because it isn’t all the way correct. Apparently, sources close to the company say the revenue displayed in the chart does not include all Uber services.

Kalanick believes he has tracked the leak or source based on information including timestamps. However, Valleywag [Gawker] Editor-in-Chief John Cook denied outing the person who leaked the document. He wrote via email:

We didn’t publish any identifying information about the source of the screengrab. We don’t know who sent us that shot, and neither does Uber. As you know from reading the piece, the person who sent us the information got it after an unidentified Uber employee logged into an Uber administrative console from a computer that our source had access to. When we reached out to Uber last night, CEO Travis Kalanick helpfully confirmed the veracity of the information by threatening to claim we “outed” our source by failing to redact the timestamp information displayed in the screengrab. What he fails to understand — or is lying about in an effort to smear a critical reporter — is the fact that the person who provided us that screengrab is not the person who logged into Uber’s administrative console. If Kalanick retaliates against that employee, he will be not be punishing our source.

Hopefully Uber CEO can just calm down. His “I’m going to take action against the leaker and source,” is a bit much considering the information leaked was really good news.

Source: AllThingsD


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