Typo Keyboard Case turns your iPhone into a BlackBerry-like device

Typo Keyboard Case turns your iPhone into a BlackBerry-like device

It’s not just traditional BlackBerry users who prefer the physical QWERTY keyboards over virtual ones found in most modern smartphones, including BlackBerry’s own Z10 and Z30. iPhone users can now get a similar look and feel with the new Typo Keyboard Case that effectively turns their beloved smartphone into something that resembles the BlackBerry Q10 (and many other BlackBerry devices).

This case attaches to the bottom of the iPhone 5 and 5S preventing you from tapping the home button. Luckily there’s the same button in the keyboard though it won’t be able to read your fingerprint. Then again, this isn’t the case you would want to carry around at all times. Simply put, it makes the compact iPhone rather unpocketable. Still, there will be situations when you’ll want to agree on this compromise, most notably when you need to edit some document or write a bunch of emails.

The Typo Keyboard Case connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth, and its battery will recharge in just one hour. Moreover, the keyboard has backlit keys, making it easy to type even in dark rooms.

So what do you say? If you like how this sounds, prepare to pour out no less than $99 to pre-order your unit. It will start shipping in January…

And yes, we hope to see something similar released for other popular smartphones…

  • PeterSteinbeck

    It’s the accessories like these that compel users to get an iPhone. I want something like this for my Android. 🙂

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