iOS App CapSnap Brings Out Your Inner Beer Snob

Whether you’re into beer for the taste or just like getting hammered, there’s a new iOS app that’s right up your dirty alley. The CapSnap app for iOS lets you create a collection of beers you’ve drunk, along with a rating and all. You can even share your beer collection with your friends, using the social network of your choice.

To add a beer to the list, all you need to do is snap a pic of the beer’s logo or cap and the app will do the rest. If the picture is too shaky or dimly lit, you can also browse a database of frothy goodness and pick your poison from there.

Users will be able to decide which cap the snapped logo will be placed upon, giving users a variety of “cap packs” to choose from. This is where the free app can become pricey, with cap packs costing $1.99 a piece.

CapSnap can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.

Press release follows below.

CapSnap™ for iPhone®, a fun way to discover and share your favorite beer with friends.

SEATTLE, WA (December 12, 2013) — Seattle-based app development company HyprByte™ announced today the release of CapSnap for for iPhone® and iPod touch®.
CapSnap allows users to create a collection of beers they’ve tried, rate each beer, and share their collection with friends. This is the ?rst app developed by HyprByte, with more to come in 2014.

Upon ?rst opening the app, users will be directed to their empty cap collection. They can then either snap a photo of the beer they are drinking, or select the brewery’s logo and beer type from the database. The photo or logo will be placed in a circular cap on a
square background and users will be prompted to choose a cap style and background for this cap. Users may purchase additional cap styles and backgrounds, or “cap packs” from the CapSnap’s in-app store. Once the cap design is completed, the user will rate
the beer and submit it to their collection. CapSnap also has a social aspect to it that allows users to connect with their friends on the app and view their friends’ collections and most recent activity.

CapSnap Features

• Build a beer collection. Choose from CapSnap’s continuously growing database of over 1,300 breweries and 15,000 types of beers, ciders, root beers, and specialty ales. If the brewery and beer is not in the database, users have the option to add it themselves.

• Rate beers on a scale of 1-5 caps. Users have the option to select a beer as their favorite, which will be prominently displayed on their collection.

• Share beer collection with friends. Search for and invite friends to connect via Facebook, Twitter, phone contacts, email, or text. Users can link their CapSnap account to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

• Design bottle caps for each beer. Users have the ability to personalize their collection by choosing the cap and background that they feel best suits the beer. Additional “cap packs” can be purchased from CapSnap’s in-app store.

Pricing and Availability

CapSnap is available in the App Store for free, while additional “cap packs” are $1.99. CapSnap is designed for iPhone and iPod touch. CapSnap is currently only available in the U.S., with releases in other countries slated for the near future.
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About HyprByte

Established in 2013, HyprByte is a Seattle-based app development company dedicated to helping users connect and share experiences through its spirit-themed app.

  • Jumala Llinen

    How is this different from Untappd? Not to mention the great relation Untappd already has with breweries all over the place that, it seems, this amp’s devs don’t have.

    • HyprByte

      Hello Jumala,
      Our app is very new and we’re currently developing relationships with many brewers. We want a very easy way to tap into a friends “full” collection.

      Something easy to use and visual. Visually, you can download CapPacks which help sort your collection. For instance if you have a bad beer you can download the “Crap” pack and place that brew in the toilet.

      We’re listening to each and every user to put in features which they’d like to see. We do understand that “other beer related apps” have a huge following in the industry. Those apps may work great for some users and not for others.

      Now you’ll have another option. We hope that you give CapSnap a try.

      Have a safe holiday. Cheers!

      • Matt

        Think of it as “Pinterest” for beer.

  • HyprByte

    That’s a perfect analogy! #Cheers

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