Meizu appstore to offer 100% revenue to developers

Meizu appstore to offer 100% revenue to developers

Meizu badly wants developers to bring apps to its own app store, so it decided to take no cut from app sales. Whereas most other services like Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store take the 30% cut, the Chinese firm will give 100% of app sale revenues to developers.

Considering we’re talking about store that houses regular Android apps I see no reason why developers wouldn’t come on board and support Meizu’s service, while also being able to earn some extra cash.

Meizu has its own SDK which we assume not only helps developers make apps but also allows them to access some features only Meizu phones have. Alas, we haven’t tried it out and can’t really tell whether there are some “real” benefits of using this SDK rather than the one Google provides.

Anyway, we’re glad that Meizu is taking such bold steps as it’s looking forward to enter the U.S. market. However, it still needs to struck deals with major carriers in order to compete on the same level with the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola. We’ll see how that goes…

[Via: GizChina]

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