CES 2014: Pebble Transforms the Smartwatch From Geek to Chic With Pebble Steel

Pebble is bringing the smartwatch into the mainstream with its recently announced Pebble Steel smartwatch. The second generation Pebble smartwatch actually looks classy and non-obtrusive, something the first Pebble smartwatch didn’t have. With the Steel line, Pebble is helping to bring smartwatches from geek to chic.

Gone is the plastic casing, replaced by stainless steel and a face protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. The steel band includes a traditional watch clasp, and a tiny LED light which indicates charging status. Other than that, the Pebble Steel features all of the awesome features of the previous Pebble smartwatch: an e-paper display, 5 to 7 day battery life and a waterproof design.

Pebble’s new classy gizmo runs existing Pebble apps, and will be showcasing a host of new apps later this month.

The Pebble Steel smartwatch is available for pre-order from Pebble’s website for $249 in two flavors, Brushed Stainless or Black Matte. The units will begin shipping on January 28th.

Will Pebble set the standards for smartwatches to come? We sure hope so. Check out the video and gallery below.

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