Motorola Updates Assist App, Brings Hands-Free SMS Reply to Moto X, DROID Ultra, Maxx and Mini

Thanks to an update in the Motorola Assist app, owners of the Motorola Moto X or newest DROID phones will be able to text hands free. Users can now respond to text messages while on the go, instead of using the “Ok Google Now” voice command to initiate and send a response.

That’s not all Motorola has packed into the update. The company also updated and improved its Motorola Contextual Services, which runs the show for most of Motorola’s apps. The updates bring improvements to Bluetooth, which make drive mode detection faster and more accurate than ever. There’s even a faster way to open you’re favorite music player once you’ve hit the road.

Even though the Moto X faces sales shortages and recently received a price cut, the updates to Motorola’s apps show the company’s commitment to expanding the feature set of the Moto X. Even if the Moto X ends up being a pain in Motorola’s side, the software will continue on in future iterations of Motorola devices.

If you own a Moto X, DROID Mini, Maxx or Ultra, expect the update to install soon if it hasn’t already.

via: Motorola

  • alexxx

    Is this phone really popular? It looks like a …that plastic makeup click box for girls, motorola had a great phone once….twas the flip Razr that made cellphones cool

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