• Jason Roberts

    Seriously, you do a smart phone vs DSLR review and don’t include the hands down best smartphone with a camera in the test!! If you had put the Nokia Lumina 1020 in this group it wouldn’t have beat all of the smart phones hands down, as per virtually any other review out there for the Nokia 1020. On top of that it would have truly rivalled the Canon DSLR. This is clearly biased as to not include a windows phone in this comparison because anyone doing this type of camera comparison would have to included the unrivalled Nokia 1020 camera.

  • tubing I fr

    Xperia Z, not the Z1? Stupid comparison

  • devilpenakut


  • mkgadgetman

    No Lumia phones from Nokia like the 1020 or 1520 with OIS and ZEISS optics? Seriously?? Some comparison…

  • 3454353453534534

    idiots doing idiotic tests…… for idiot smartphone user….

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