LG to make iWatch displays?

LG to make iWatch displays?

LG have apparently scored business from Apple to make panels for the upcoming iWatch.

According to the Korean media, LG will be the sole manufacturer of iWatch displays, which are allegedly going to measure in at 1.52 inches. The report goes on to suggest that the Korean giant will use its Plastic OLED (P-OLED) technology that we’ve already seen in the LG G Flex smartphone. Yup, the iWatch may have a curved screen!

But wait there’s more with the same source indicating that LG will start mass producing the iWatch panels within the July-September 2014 timeslot. The initial production volume is reportedly set at 2 million units.

To sum-it up – LG will make curved P-OLED panels for the iWatch and will have them ready by the end of September. This means that Apple will likely start selling its smart watch in the last quarter of the year. Since we want to see the iWatch before that, we’re hoping this is a bogus rumor… 😉

[Via: G4Games]

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