Samsung Tizen devices delayed, again

Samsung Tizen devices delayed, again

Sad news for Tizen fans; following NTT DoCoMo’s decision to abandon plans to carry a Tizen smartphone, Samsung has yet again delayed the launch of the first Tizen device.

“It is true that the release has been delayed,” said one official at Samsung Electronics’ Media Solution Center (MSC) today in Korea. “Previously we did had planned to release in the first half of this year in several countries, including Korea and Russia.”

As far as we know, the Korean giant is still planning a special Tizen event at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona when we hope to play with first devices running the nascent platform. It is also working to make latest technologies compatible with Tizen 3.0, including support for 64-bit processors and LTE-A connectivity.

Again and again, we keep saying there’s room for another platform on the market. And if someone should be able to push this, it’s Samsung thanks to its huge scale and global carrier contracts. Alas, it seems launching a whole new mobile OS isn’t as easy as Sammy has hoped for. We’ll see where this goes…

[Via: TizenExperts]

  • Pinpointer

    It’s started… Their plan to have monopolise the smartphone world is falling into place. First it starts with the use of “samsung-approved” cases (Android 4.4 update on their Note 3) followed by what other accessories will consumers lose FREEDOM OF CHOICE with? NFC or SD cards, Bluetooth maybe… I wonder? Next phase begins with their own version of an Android type Linux OS called ‘ci’Tizen. Will that only allow for “samsung-approved” apps? I could always get an iPhone or non-samsung if I still choose though…


    Tizen OS? They are still trying to pound this nonsense out? Wow. No Thanks as I write this on my superior BlackBerry Z30.

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