Samsung Galaxy S5 to be announced on February 24th? Probably not

Samsung Unpacked 5

Samsung announced the Unpacked 5 event for February 24th, the first day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Chances are the Galaxy S5 WON’T be announced at that time. Rather, we’ll have to wait for another few months to see Sammy’s 2014 flagship unveiled.

Meanwhile, we may get some “Lite” phones and tablets, a couple of phablets as well as a Windows Phone device. That’s just me speculating cause we don’t have anything official at this stage.

We should also mention Tizen as we’re certain the Korean giant will want to pitch its own platform during the big show in Spain. In that sense, we’ll likely see few Tizen smartphones in Barcelona and perhaps even a tablet. More to come, obviously.

  • brittosa

    ‘5’ Tizen devices will be unveiled during ‘Episode 1’.

  • Gamblor77

    Of course the S5 will be announced. Why do you think it’s called “Unpacked 5”? Every Galaxy announcement had had a corresponding number in their invites.

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